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  Marble and Bubble is a joyful tale about two unlikely friends -- with sad backstories -- working together to save the forest from an evil knight looking for a magical diamond. The form of art form used throughout the story is "Ebru." Ebru is a Turkish marbling art style that has been used commonly in the Ottoman Empire, which originated from 13th-century Central Asia. The man responsible for the illustration is Omer Ugur; he graduated from a graphic design major, and after a while, met Fuat Basar, who taught Omer about traditional Ebru. Omer fell in love with the art style, and with the help of his brother, Ahmet, incorporated Ebru into this book.

  The end of the story contains pages of marbling art samples that Omer has created. We hope you enjoy this wonderful tale and appreciate the beauty of this amazing artwork.

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